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KKR Global Inc (KKR), having forayed into key industry sectors over the past 20 years, is a committed & focused organization that provides efficient and effective Management/Financial Advisory to industries, enterprises & corporates, through its Principal Business Activity. We emphasize in extending financial & managerial assistance/guidance to areas where no institution or banking organizations extend their support due to statutory and other limitations . These services are provided through varied delivery channels and specialized subsidiaries. The needs of the company and the shareholders define the quantum and kind of capital that would be best-suited. We help companies to reach their next orbit of growth. We bring to the table; deep understanding of the problems and with an enriched team we tackle any transactions irrespective of various colours and an extensive investor network. “We have it all” Our ability is to bring the right partners to the table and structure the most optimal transaction. We deliver immense value to our clients, both for short term and long term.


To be a premium financial & management organisation with the clear focus on each vertical .


"We have been a leading provider of financial and management solutions that create lasting value for our employee, clients, shareholders, and society at large in which we operate. Our mission gives our clients business a clear purpose and direction."


Our team believes in defining their identity and professional behavior.

  • Teamwork: To use the power of all team members in harnessing solutions for clients with the firm’s and client’s interest preceding any individual interest.
  • Integrity:To be true and honest with everyone and have the ability to fearlessly voice opinions without biases.
  • Diversity:To encourage exchange of thoughts, backgrounds and inputs, divergent but honed towards a common goal.
  • Meritocracy:To acknowledge merit and reward talent, skill, perseverance and creativity ahead of age, seniority and any other bias.
  • Orientation towards excellence:To have benchmarks that compare with the best in class globally and strive towards a work output that significantly exceeds client expectations.
  • Professionalism:To have the highest standards of conduct in dealing with all stakeholders and have systems, policies and behavior which encourage organizational effectiveness.
  • Fun:To enjoy the process of working, in a fun-filled, vibrant environment, which encourages people to reach their potential.
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